Carolina Beach After Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence recently hit the Carolina coast and brought along a lot of wind and rain to the Carolina Beach and Kure Beach area. Personally, Palm Air Realty, was affected by the hurricane, but luckily for us, we’re still here and we’re helping the area get back to normal.

Lovely people from across the country have been coming to the area to help restore houses, electricity, downed trees, and other wind and rain damage. Our personal properties and the cottages that we rent out have all fared well for the most part – some are closed, but a majority are open, and our offices are back up and running. Rental properties are still being booked and we can’t stress enough that we look forward to your visit.

How to Help after Hurricane Florence

If you’re looking for a way to help out after a storm like this one, we urge you to donate to the American Red Cross. If you’re local to the area, there are food and supply drives popping up all over the place and they’re making sure supplies are getting to areas most affected by the storm. We’ve been housing many people that have been coming from all over the United States and Canada to help the area out, and donating where and when we can whether it’s food, transportation, housing, or personal hygiene or other necessities. The Carolina Beach/Kure Beach community is a close-knit group of people, and we all band together in times of need.

Book Your Carolina Beach Vacation Rental

Don’t cancel or decide against your Carolina Beach Vacation Rental plans. The Carolina Beach and Kure Beach area are still thriving! Even though we at Palm Air Realty, have a few properties closed for repairs, the majority of our properties are available to rent still. And while the islands were bruised slightly, we’re up and running here. A lot of businesses are already back open, or opening soon, and they depend on people coming and supporting their businesses. So, if you were planning on booking your trip to the Carolina Beach/Kure Beach area but we’re too nervous to after the storm, or thinking about canceling – don’t! Follow through with your plans. We’ve got a tremendous cleaning staff that are ensuring that your Carolina Beach vacation rental or Kure Beach vacation rental will be ready for your arrival. We promise you won’t regret it, and we can’t wait to see you all! Don’t forget – we have pet friendly propertiesoceanfront, and so much more. See you soon!

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