A Local Icon – Palm Air Cottages in Kure Beach

The Palm Air Cottages built in the late 1950s to early 1960s are truly a local icon to Kure Beach. The private, poolside cottages attract generations of families each year.  The first 3 cottages were built the year after hurricane Hazel stormed up the area with a total of 8 rental units available today!

Owners, Ea Ruth and Anne Brodsky have been in their iconic Kure Beach location for over 16 years. They bought the cottages in 2004 and have made many updates to enhance and preserve the cottages and their surroundings. The Cottages overlook a beautiful swimming pool and impeccable grounds with nooks and crannies filled with unexpected treasures. They are available for short term rental year round and all but one are pet friendly. In addition, the Cottages are equipped with modern amenities; such as cooking facilities and appliances, and their high standards of cleanliness.  If you haven’t seen them you should stop by and get a tour. They are chic, modern and feel much more spacious than their smaller footprint looks. Their energetic fun personalities offer the drive and insight to continually evolve the business they love. Together they “Get the Job Done!”

The best thing about the Palm Air Cottages is how they are centrally located to everything! 

The Palm Air Cottages are only 0.1 of a mile to the family friendly Kure Beach Pier which is absolutely the perfect place to go fishing, as you can roll your fishing gear right down to the pier! There are even parking spots in close proximity to the Pier.

Did you know the Kure Beach pier is one of the oldest piers on the Atlantic coast?  The Kure Beach pier is usually filled with sports fisherman and families trying to catch their latest dinner. One great thing about the pier, if you are a first time fisherman and catch a fish, let the people on the pier know! You will not only be beaming with pride on your first catch, you will also get a certificate commemorating the event! 

You will also find other local establishments such as; Kure Beach diner, Freddie’s Restaurant, Jack Mackerel’s, Bud n Joes, and Big Daddy’s all within a block of the Palm Air Cottages!

If you are looking for a vacation rental in Kure Beach, whether it’s for fishing or making memories with the family, check out Palm Air Realty

 Look for their bright “orange trimmed” office cottage lined with an array of “ducks” on the screened porch.  The owners Ea and Anne, always have their ducks in a row for you to have the perfect vacation in Kure Beach.

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