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North Carolina offers beautiful, clean, spacious beach areas in the Southeast region of the state. The Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Wilmington, NC areas provide plenty of entertainment opportunities for couples and families. Some events are seasonal only, and some last all year round. No matter the time that you visit the area there will be numerous opportunities to experience what the area has to offer.

Unique to the area we’re proud to say that our beaches are the only beaches in the world that Loggerhead Sea Turtles nest. A mother Loggerhead can lay on average 110 eggs per nest and two to eight nests a season. There are plenty of precautions that take place once a nest in discovered to ensure the safety of the eggs and the turtles have a chance to make it to the ocean. If you stumble upon an undiscovered nest make sure to report it, for more information check out the Coastal Conservation Association of NC.

If you come across a nest that has already been discovered please take care and make sure that you don’t disturb the nest. The event when the turtles hatch and head to the ocean is a unique and special event that brings plenty of well-wishers and observers. These voyages typically occur during March – August. If you plan your trip during that time, you have a chance to witness a once in a lifetime experience. For more information about the entire process check out the Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Topsail Island, NC.

Another unique offering to the southeastern North Carolina area is the only carnivorous plant in the world is found in our woods. The Venus Flytrap is only found naturally and in a very small radius to this area. The Venus Flytrap is a protected and celebrated plant with events based around it. From a Flytrap Family Fun Day to a Flytrap Frolic to even a brewery named for the plant (Flytrap Brewing), the area’s residents are proud and protective of this precious plant. Take a stroll through Carolina Beach Park and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find one out in the wild, but please do not poach these plants as they are close to officially becoming an endangered or threatened species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. So observe and take lots of photos, but please do not tread, touch, or pull these special plants.

The area also provides plenty of local restaurants, breweries, parks, museums and a numerous amount of other places for you to visit on your trip. Make sure you book your Carolina Beach rental today and you can start planning your vacation, and maybe even plan it around watching the sea turtles migrate or finding a Venus Flytrap.

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