Enjoying the “Dog Days of Summer”

Hate seeing those puppy dog eyes as you start packing for your much needed vacation? Do you hate having to board your four-legged friend? Or having to find someone to take trustworthy to care of them while you’re away? Well, worry no more. Palm Air Realty™, offers a variety of Carolina Beach dog friendly vacation rentals. You’ll be able to search through many different amenities and needs for your stay, but most importantly we have many pet friendly options to fit every need. Look into our pet-policy. Make sure you get your Carolina Beach or Kure Beach vacation rental booked today!

Dog Friendly Beach Information


We want to make sure that you know where you can bring Fido in the Carolina Beach area. If you’re visiting Freeman Park, dogs are allowed year round. Freeman Park also offers the option to drive out on the beach with a vehicle that won’t get stuck in the sand. From April 1st to September 30th dogs are required to be on leash, but for the rest of the year they can be off leash as long as they listen to voice commands.

If you’re at the municipal strand of beach on Carolina Beach, dogs are not allowed on the beach from 9am-5pm, but are allowed after while on a leash. The rest of the year your leashed dog is allowed on the beach at any time.

As always make sure to clean up after your pup!

Dog Friendly around Carolina Beach

There are many restaurants, bars, and areas that are dog-friendly and we want to make sure that you know where to go and where not to go. Dogs are not allowed on the historical wooden parts of the boardwalk at anytime, nor are they allowed in the boardwalk business district at anytime. Now for the fun parts, where are dogs allowed?

Dog Friendly Restaurants and Bars

There are plenty of dog friendly restaurants and bars in the Carolina Beach area and even more in Greater Wilmington. A lot of restaurants will allow dogs on their patios, and most bars (if they don’t serve food) allow dogs in to hang out with their people while everyone has a good time. Take a look at many of the different options available so that you’re prepared before you get to Carolina Beach.

Dog Friendly Parks

While you’re in the Carolina Beach area, the Carolina Beach state park is a great place for you to hike, explore, and play with your dog. As long as your dog is on leash, they’ll be able to join you on your adventures.

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