Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Coming to the North Carolina coast between May and August provide some of the best weather, sun, sand, and sights on the coast. When you stay at your Palm Air Realty Vacation Rental, we want to educate you about the Loggerhead Sea Turtles.

Loggerhead Area Information

The greater Wilmington, Carolina Beach, and Kure Beach areas are prime sea turtle nesting areas. Loggerheads nest in the coastal area between North Carolina and Florida. Since Loggerheads are considered a vulnerable species according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. We, at Palm Air Realty™, want to make sure you’re aware of what to do if you find a nest. The most important thing to remember is to leave the nest alone, please do not disturb the eggs.

The beautiful Loggerhead sea turtle nests three to five times a season and lays about 120 eggs per nest. Sea turtles have a lot of natural predators, including humans, so we need to do everything we can to give them a fighting chance out in the wild. Estimations show that only about 1 of every 1,000 will survive their first year, and even less than that will survive to maturity.

What Happens Next?


So, you’ve found a nest and don’t know what to do? First thing to do is to report it so that the process of protecting the nest can start. The best place to call would be the Aquarium at Fort Fisher, they can direct you to the best place from there. The area will be cordoned off and around the clock protection will start. Eventually when the turtles hatch, there will be aided help to get them to the ocean safely. From there, it’s up to the turtles and we wish them a happy and long life.

Palm Air Realty™ can’t wait to see you and for you to visit. Come on down to the beach and start enjoying your Carolina Beach vacation rental!

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