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Anne E. Brodsky

Owner/Property Manager/LOO

Phone: 9104585269
Fax: 910-458-5289

Business Owner

§  Planned, developed and managed the highly successful Palm Air Realty, Inc.

§  Utilized extensive knowledge and skill of the vacation rental business to significantly improve efficiency, effectiveness of team work, and accuracy                  


Property Manager

§  Improving the relationship between management, owners, guests and tenants.

§  Achieve high vacancy rates, reduced with the rental of more than 85% of vacant units

§  Maintain property appearance and ensure repairs are noted and completed on timely basis through regular property inspections and tours.

§  Communicate and ensure that all service requests are recorded and communicated appropriately.


Counseling Specialist/Case Manager

§  Highly accommodated for ability to assist at risk families by reducing their barriers while providing and maintaining safe conditions for children within the family unit.

§  State and local agency accreditation's; including American Red Cross, CPR Trainer, Adult First Aid, Infant First Aid, Trauma Rescue and Center for Continuing Learning.

§  Certified as an EXPERT witness in Court and Legal proceedings at Pre-trial emergency shelter and adjudications at CINA hearings.