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Come Sea Us at our new office located in The Plaza "1009 N. Lake Park Blvd. Suite C4 Carolina Beach NC 28428"

Pet Wants

Palm Air Realty™,Inc. is proud to offer you and your fur family :


OH MY!!  Did you forget the Dog Food!? Are you traveling with your Fur family?  Order treats, food and more from Pet Wants and they will deliver it right to your door! 

Pet food can be complicated and, if you’re buying it from the pet store, it’s hard to know what’s in the food or how long it has been sitting on the shelf. Not at Pet Wants! 


Glen and Amy Chalmers, the owners of Pet Wants Wilmington!

Pet Wants is completely different than what you find at a big box store – it’s fresh, high-quality and we know the food inside and out. We are happy to be feeding our Yorkie Scarlett Pet Wants and we’re excited about enabling other families to do the same.

Our specially crafted pet food formulas are made in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl. Pet Wants food is nutrient dense, not just because of the ingredients, but because of how it’s cooked and that it’s delivered fresh.

Pet Wants has a 100-percent, money-back guarantee on the freshness and quality of our food and we only source the best salmon, chicken, lamb, brown rice, and other ingredients available. There’s no sugar added, no fillers, and no animal by-products and Pet Wants never uses corn, wheat, soy, or dyes, which makes the food great for animals with allergies. We also offer multiple blends of dog and cat food formulas as well as a healing salve, calming balm, anti-itch spray, paw wax, and more – all of which are delivered fresh to your door.

We think Pet Wants is more about the relationship we build with you and your pets than just the products–that’s part of why it’s so exciting for us. We’re looking forward to meeting you and learning all about your furry friends!

 Sea Ya Soon....

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